Who is Maddy Ice?

Maddy Ice

I’m just a person on a journey, discovering truth and grateful for each day of life. I advocate for privacy and liberty and opt-out of the global agenda. I am a self-governing individual with a passion for people and projects that promote freedom and privacy from a technical perspective.

After a rewarding career in engineering and management, I see things through an analytical lens. Maddy Ice is my pen name. The name came about during my engineering career. I shrugged it off and reasoned that the “Ice” alluded to a tendency to be persistent, calculating, and often impartial (to say it nicely).

My Perspective

The statements and opinions I make on this website are my own and are based on my experiences, environment, and system of beliefs. I practice personal property rights, autonomy, and laissez-faire economics. Politically I do not belong to a “party”. Although I admire the United States Constitution as it was intended by the Founding Fathers, I claim citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. Most significantly, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, not affiliated with a religion or denomination.

Topics of Interest

My interests include micro-farming, organic gardening, local supply-chain and markets // FOSS, encryption, decentralized communication platforms, CLI, network administration, BSD, Linux // Spirituality: specifically the authority, love, and power of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven // Free market economies, monetary policy, cryptocurrency, anonymous methods of barter and trade // Acquiring hard assets: land, real estate, precious metals, business capital // Renewable energy, environmental conservation, off-grid systems, minimalism // History, world politics and human behavior.

Core Tenets

I’m going to document (for my own enjoyment) and share my personal perspectives and opinions of the following tenents, I’ll include technical tools, information, and resources that may help you.

1. Promote true freedom

I have obtained the greatest freedom of all, one this world cannot offer. My personal privacy and freedom are unalienable rights granted by my Creator! Therefore, no matter what happens in this world, I am free indeed.

2. Deter online surveillance

Know this: power-hungry corporations want to manipulate you. Even worse, government bureaucrats are spying on your every move. Shield your information, speech, and movement from those that seek to profit from you. The good news is Big Tech isn’t so big after all. It may seem like a few global elitists have a lot of power. But they are here today, gone tomorrow.

3. Opt out of global tyranny

We the people can end domestic tyranny and keep the global elitists and corrupt government out of our private lives. It requires a few simple steps: a willingness to learn, reject superficial conveniences, and establish new paradigms.