Where I Go Online

This post is a collection of clearnet websites and networks that I frequent, sort of a “best of the surface web” bookmarks. Maybe you’ll find new and useful information to add to your own bookmarks.

Note: Many more interesting sites and networks are on the darknet, and are not listed here.


  • Element – Web client to the matrix network; I use the Android and Linux desktop clients daily
  • IRC – Aside from their lack of privacy, I occasionally connect to freenode and quakenet for community support on technical matters
  • Mailbox.org – An encrypted email server and productivity suite
  • Matrix.org – A secure, decentralized communication network


Mobile Phones

  • APKMirror – I’ve downloaded a few proprietary software APKs from this site; seems reputable
  • F-Droid – Open source AOSP-compatible app repository; my go-to app store
  • LineageOS – Popular AOSP custom-ROM for de-googling; it’s installed on all my mobile phones
  • Tello – A Sprint MVNO; I highly recommend Tello for inexpensive no-contract mobile phone plans
  • xda-developers.com – Largest forum for custom ROM projects

Personal Computing

  • bspwm – My current window manager
  • Debian – After using many Linux distros, I prefer Debian because it gets out of my way (mostly)
  • Distrowatch – Popular site to compare Linux distributions
  • FreeBSD – It will always hold a place as one of my favorite operating systems
  • Gentoo – My first in-depth Linux experience; I cut my teeth on this distro; I still love how Portage is organized

Privacy & Anonymity


  • The Last American Vagabond – Excellent articles from true independent journalists
  • Mises.org – Many years ago, I was introduced to Austrian School of Economics; changed my life
  • National Review – World news commentary
  • The Corbett Report – James Corbett has been exposing corruption and lies for years; excellent alt news source
  • Unlimited Hangout – Whitney Webb is one of the best (and last) independent journalists
  • Ice Age Farmer – Christian Westbrook reports on permaculture and sustainable farming

Search Engines

  • DuckDuckGo – Privacy-protected meta-search engine
  • MetaGer – Privacy protected search hosted in Germany
  • Qwant – Search engine that respects privacy
  • Searx – Privacy -respecting metasearch engine
  • Swisscows – An alternative data secure search engine


  • Abe Books – My go-to source for inexpensive used books
  • B&H Photo Video – Best retailer for professional gear
  • Bonanza – Trying to get into this marketplace as an alternative to ebay
  • ebay – I really dislike this company, but still buy and sell used tech goods on occasion
  • Newegg – Used to be my favorite electronics retailer; they opened up to 3rd party sellers recently
  • Swappa – I have bought and sold several phones and tablets on Swappa and really like the company model and UI
  • Walmart – It’s terrible, I know, but not as evil as amazon

Social Media

  • Diaspora.social – Federated network hosted on “pods”, part of the Fediverse
  • Flote – Social network promoting free speech and the ability to tip and earn crypto
  • Friendica – Lesser known personal social network, part of the Fediverse
  • Funkwhale – Decentralized open-source social platform for sharing music
  • Gab – free speech centralized platform; baby-boomer conservatives
  • Hive.blog – Blockchain based, challenging layout but has potential
  • Lemmy – Overbearing rules; I’m not very impressed with the content either
  • Mastodon – Decentralized social network, over 3 million accounts, mostly techies
  • MeWe – Target audience is young adults, founder seems like an okay guy
  • Minds – An open-source and decentralized social network for Internet freedom
  • Pixelfed – Image sharing, part of the Fediverse
  • Plemora.social – Federated micro-blogging, part of the Fediverse
  • Saidit.net – Free speech alternative to Reddit


  • Desmos Calculators – Online calculators; I typically use the scientific variant
  • OpenStreetMap – Community driven, open source maps used by thousands of websites and apps
  • wttr.in – Local weather

Video Platforms

  • Bitchute – Popular free speech video platform
  • BitTube.tv – Developed for BitTube blockchain, unrestricted free speech
  • Brighteon – Branded as “free speech”, many posts about conspiracies
  • DLive – Built for gamers but lots of interesting content
  • DTube – Decentralized video platform built on STEEM blockchain and IPFS network
  • Odysee – aka LBRY; blockchain based, great content; earn native tokens called LBC
  • PeerTube – Decentralized video hosting, part of the Fediverse
  • Rumble – Canadian-based video platform, not free-speech, be careful

What about your go-to bookmarks? Leave a comment with your recommendations.

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